Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser

Posted by anna on March 14, 2022 

The reagent dispenser is popular. Its eight-channel design features a peristaltic pump and dispenses 1 to 8 different reagents in a single step. It comes with a sample of dispensing cassettes. The machine is programmable and will automatically fill each cassette with the reagent.

The high-throughput microplate dispenser features a peristaltic pump for precise dispensing. It has a programmable interface and a range of reagent sizes from 50nL to 50ul. The system supports 1-well and eight-well format matrices. It also offers a wide volume range, and can autoclave the plates. For high-throughput screening, the Multidrop Combi 836 offers a variety of reagents, including PCR, ELISA, and PCR.

The Microplate Dispenser allows users to dispense up to eight reagents at once. It supports a range of microplates and strips and is programmable to allow for various reagent volumes. This device can be used for drug discovery, high-throughput screening, genomic, proteomic, and other research applications. Its eight channels allow for a flexible dispensing solution.

The dispenser features valve-based dispensing technology. It is easy to use and is easy to start. Designed for both benchtop and high-throughput applications, it is an ideal choice for laboratories and biotechnological laboratories. In addition to providing precision, the Dispenser is also compatible with a wide range of microplate and strip formats. This machine provides optimal solutions for pharmaceutical research and drug discovery.

The dispenser is a high-throughput microplate dispenser with a peristaltic pump that dispenses reagents at a high-speed. It can dispense one to eight different reagents simultaneously. The dispenser enables researchers to work with nano- and micro-volume reagents for drug discovery, genomic assays, and proteomic assays.

The Microplate Dispenser is designed to dispense up to eight reagents at a time. The dispenser is programmable and features a peristaltic pump. It can dispense a variety of microplates and strips. It is ideal for drug discovery, high-throughput screening, and genomic and proteomic assays. It is easy to use and can handle different reagents and microplate formats.

The dispenser adds an advanced built-in tracking system to improve reliability, cassette lifetime traceability, and efficiency. Its SMART option allows for volume dispenses of 0.5-500uL increments. A thermomultidrop SMART dispenses in the increments of 0.5-500uL. A lateral flow dispenser can handle volumes from 0.5 to five uL.

The dispenser comprises a first and second tubular member each having an open end. The first member has a piston that extends through a partially closed end of the second. A central bore forms the base of the piston. The second member is carried by resilient means to bias the first one towards an extended position. A typical configuration uses a single reservoir for three to five drops of liquid solution. A third reservoir is usually used for other liquids and is optionally autoclavable.

The adapter has an enlarged head that holds a substance or powder. It has a corresponding bore to expel the liquid. The device may also feature a second tubular member that seals the first one. This device is called resilient because the second tubular member biases the first one out of the first. This feature allows the device to dispense multiple drops at a time. The High-Speed Multidrop Microplate Dispenser is designed to increase throughput and free up valuable time for research.

This is an automated microplate dispenser designed for high-throughput screening and microvolume dispensing into 96- and 384-well plates. It can dispense eight different reagents. The Multidrop 384 is an excellent choice for a biotech or pharmaceutical laboratory. The dispenser's user interface allows for simple adjustment. The peristaltic pump dispensing system helps ensure consistent and accurate results in the most difficult experiments.

An option adds a built-in tracking system to the Multidrop. This feature increases the reliability of the device and helps improve the efficiency of the dispensing process. The system can dispense volumes in increments of 0.5 and five units. The multidrop Combi SMART can dispense up to five and fifty microliters. In addition, the SMART option improves traceability of the cassette over a longer time span and further boosts efficiency.

The option improves the efficiency of a multidrop dispenser by adding a built-in tracking system. A SMART option increases reliability, cassette lifetime traceability, and reporting capabilities. The SMART option can dispense volumes of up to 5000mL. Alternatively, it can be configured with a double-ended nozzle. If the dispenser is inefficient, it can be upgraded to a SMART version.

The option improves traceability and reliability of the Multidrop Combi. It dispenses a volume of 0.5-500mL with a minimum and maximum capacity of two milliliters. This device can be customized to suit specific lab requirements. Its high-speed capability allows it to be used in clinical and research settings. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain. The SMART option is an ideal choice for the laboratory.

The Dispenser is a high-speed, high-volume dispensing device for 96- and 384-well grossen. It is a highly advanced peristaltic pump and can be integrated into the SAGIAN? Core System. Moreover, it is easy to operate, which makes it the preferred choice for biotechnology laboratories. The SAGIAN? Core System allows for a wide range of applications.

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